Tuesday, March 2, 2010

28 Days

Here is another fabulous video explaining the struggle of menstruation for many women worldwide, and a proposed solution. Grow Learn Give's approach and goals vary slightly, but the communication of the problem is very effective. Check it out:

We borrowed this great clip from our friends at She Innovates. Also I'd like to address the point in this video where a business solution is proposed, with the outcome of women getting jobs and providing income for their families. I'd like to point out that although in many cultures and religions it is not looked upon positively for the mother to work outside the home, we ought to bare in mind that in places where this issue is a considerable barrier for women and girls, they are also undoubtedly suffering from poverty. In that case, many women are already struggling to bring additional income to the family, and frequently fail to do so effectively. Empowering them to do so in a less time-consumptive, more effective fashion not only provides more income for the family, but allows the mother to better care for her family, spend better time with them, provide higher quality nutrition, and educate her children.

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