Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Voice That Cannot Be Silenced

The courage of Malala is truly inspiring. Below is a clip of her first formal speaking appearance at the United Nations since she was shot. In her speech, she advocates of the right that every girl and boy have to receive an education. 

What will you do with your voice?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Power of One

We loved the CNN film Girl Rising. It is a powerful depiction of girls from all over the world rising up despite their external circumstances to acquire an education. One story that was shared is about Azmera from Ethiopia who is not yet 14.

One day a 20 year old stranger came and asked for Azmera’s hand in marriage. Azmera’s mom had been receiving pressure to have Azmera marry early. Her mom, desperate for Azmera to have change in her life, gave her consent. Azmera’s older brother saw what was happening and said that he would sell all that he had to keep his sister Azmera in school. He wanted her to have a better life and get the education that he never had. Together Azmera and her brother refused the marriage and she stayed in school. Azmera’s story is an example of the power one girl can have on her family, community, and country. 

The movie The Power of One, is about a teenage boxer, P.K., living in South Africa during the apartheid rule. P.K. and his friend begin to teach English to people in the slums despite the opposition against them. They are questioned by their school master why they are doing it.
He asks them: “But at the end of the day, it’s only about a dozen of people you’re talking about teaching. How much difference will that really make?” 
P.K. responds: “A waterfall begins from only one drop of water…look what comes from that…”
Azmera and the other girls in the film Girl Rising are one drop. Even though they are one, together as they rise up, and we rise up with them, we can form a powerful waterfall of girls being educated and empowered with opportunities. Their example of courage, unconsciously, unlocks the door for others to follow. Grow.Learn.Give is committed and excited to assist and help one girl at a time overcome barriers so that they can continue their education.