Thursday, February 18, 2010

Want to sew and help change the world?

We found the most loved and valued piece of clothing for a woman in the developing world------a reusable menstrual pad! These reusable pads liberate women and girls to go about their studies and work without worry of embarrassment. They wash these flannel insert pads to reuse.

These reuseable pads:
  • free up precious money every month saved from buying disposable pads
  • allow freedom of movement to go to school and work
  • save environmental concerns of disposing pads/tampon
  • prevent urinary tract infections by allowing woman to change to pads often and not worry about wasting money
  • give women and young women the dignity of achieving their goals and feeling beautiful every day of the month
  • are sustainable--women can learn to sew and sell reuseable menstrual pads
Every time a group travels to a developing nation we like to send them with a stock pile of pads and educational materials and underwear. We need sewers to help us keep up with the demand. Look up the pattern to the right (under "Blog Pages") and sew away! You can also collect underwear, or let us know if you are headed to a school or orphanage in a developing nation. We would love to hear from you-- just contact Michelle at

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